My Collections

When it comes to collecting, it seems like I go through phases. That’s not to say that I get sick of a collection and move on – when I seriously get into something, I stick with it. For example, my first major obsession was stamps. I still collect the occasional stamp, but it isn’t my number-one thing anymore. Every five years or so, I move on to another big-time collecting spree in an entirely new category.

Here are four of my favorite (and my largest) collecting categories, along with a link to one of my favorite online resources for that collection. These, along with the watches, are the items I am always on the look-out for. Even if my current obsession is mid-20th century American baseball cards, when I come across an item that fits with these collections, I’ll have a hard time not buying it and adding it to my cache.

First-edition, Signed, and Rare Books

Peter Harrington’s is a nearby emporium for first-edition, autographed, and rare books, maps, and other paper materials. If you have a collection of books like this, or are looking to start one, Harrington’s is a wonderful place to start thanks to their free worldwide shipping guarantee.

Exotic and Historic Coins

My collection of strange and interesting coins from all over the world is probably my smallest collection, only because I often end up spending a pretty penny (pun intended) on these items and I don’t have a massive band ledger. The link above will take you to NumisMaster, a site designed to help coin collectors identify, value, buy, and sell exotic and historic coins.

Flags from Around the World

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of space to display my massive flag collection. This link takes you to the Hampshire Flag Company, though they are by no means my only source of amazing flags. They happen to be a local company, and in fact (full disclosure) a buddy of mine runs the place. The sheer variety of flags and flag-related items on sale here is enough to get a more-than-decent collection going.

Vinyl Records

I love the sound of music on vinyl, and I spend a good deal of money maintaining my record collection, a room full of record players, and all sorts of audiophile gear to help me enjoy the world’s greatest music. Specifically: rock, funk, jazz, and blues from the 60s and 70s. Black Vinyl Records is a collection of over 10,000 records, a mail-order service that has always come through for me, with great rates on shipping and more variety than you can shake a needle at.

Frozen Dinners

This is easily my weirdest collection. I have three giant freezers full of frozen foods from all over the world. I’m not sure what first attracted me to this odd little collection – maybe it’s the unique art on the boxes or the fact that, if I want to, I can actually taste and experience this collection in a way that I can’t with my others. For whatever reason, I’ve got a huge inventory of frozen dinners and treats from all corners of the globe.

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