Wedding Venues in Malta

Fifty miles south of Sicily, the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea splash against the beautiful beaches of Malta. Dramatic coastal cliffs tower over protected bays giving this unique locale a sense of romance and adventure. It might seem like an unusual place for planning your upcoming nuptials, but the wedding venues in Malta offer everything from opulent settings to the privacy of an isolated island.

Very Special Settings

If you’re planning a lavish wedding, the luxurious resorts adorning Malta’s coast are ideal settings for rehearsal dinners, ceremonies and receptions. These lovely locations specialize in event planning, and professional staff members take care of the details. Decorations, tables and custom catering are part of the wedding packages designed for small and large affairs. If you prefer wildflowers and a country setting, several of the island’s finer hotels provide upscale venues that bring a touch of village charm to the ceremony. You’ll even discover the gothic allure of medieval architecture set inland away from the bustling coast.

Capital City Charm

The historic capital city of Valletta looks out across Malta’s Grand Harbor, and its Saluting Battery offers one of the more unusual venues for your nuptials. Built as a fortress against invaders and pirates, this spot is just outside the city walls, and the cannons are still operational for saluting your vows. The city is filled with romantic palazzos and small castles that date back centuries. Winding streets, intimate plazas and historic cathedrals make the heart of Valetta a perfect location for any wedding, and the area is filled with picturesque restaurants and fascinating nightspots for casual celebrations after the ceremony.

Home-Style Weddings

Perhaps it’s the Mediterranean sunshine that makes the natives so friendly. You’ll find beautiful historic homes that welcome wedding parties and even help with the details. These gracious estates are part of the island’s fascinating cultural past and feature grand ballrooms, sweeping staircases and dramatic balconies. Surrounded by extensive gardens, these homes are usually tucked into the countryside and afford both privacy and plenty of room for large parties. Some of the loveliest landscapes surround farms that date back centuries and gladly open their doors to wedding groups.

That Deserted Island

It only has one hotel, and no cars are allowed, but Comino isn’t really deserted. It’s the smallest of the three Malta islands with an area of less than three square miles. If you believe paradise should be quiet and secluded, this is the perfect wedding getaway. Just to the northwest, the island of Gozo completes the Malta archipelago with venues that include small hillside chapels and grand cathedrals. Choosing this location during the summer months puts you in the middle of carnival season, so count on the locals to help celebrate.

Of all your exciting options, the cobalt waters of the Mediterranean are often the most enticing. From grand yachts to quaint charters, choose your vessel and sail into the sunset. Eloping isn’t necessary to board a boat and exchange vows at sea, but it’s a romantic notion that belongs on your list of wedding venues in Malta.


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