About Me

My name is Larry Matheson. My friends all call me Lucky Larry, a nickname that I’ve had since I was a kid. It seems like once a week, I would come across an amazing find. Some of the coolest things I ever came across were a diamond ring on the playground, a very expensive vintage bottle of wine in the attic of an abandoned shop, and an antique bicycle seemingly left to rust and die in the corner of a garden lot.

That strange ability to find things turned into a life-long passion. I am a big-time collector of all kinds of objects. I’m also a nurse for my local hospital (that’s what pays the bills), a volunteer at a wide variety of non-profit charities, and something of a luxury mattress junkie to boot. What can I say . . . I love a good comfy bed.

You may think life as a nurse in a trauma ward would be exciting, but in my village there tends to be a lot of down-time. That’s why I have subscriptions to so many periodicals. Some of my favorites: Standpoint Magazine, the GuardianProspect Magazine, Spin, and a whole litany of newsletters and monthlies related to the art of collecting.

For the next few weeks, when I’m not obsessing over my collection of vintage watches, I’ll be polishing up this site, tweaking it as needed to make it the perfect resource for collectors. If you have an idea for the site, leave me a comment. I’m wide open to suggestions from readers.


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