Favorite Recipes

Undoubtedly, recipes are a type of collection. In fact, I’d say more people collect recipes than any other item, even if they don’t realize their list of family favorites and other culinary blueprints are actually a collection. In other words, and in my opinion, anyone who cooks or keeps treasured recipes is a collector.

So the thought hit me – why not post a short list of my favorite recipes? I’ve talked about all sorts of other collections, but I’ve neglected to talk about food. My friends know my beer gut has almost nothing to do with beer and almost everything to do with my passion for food. Or to put it in words that aren’t so high-falutin‘, I’m overweight because I love to eat.

Gathering recipes and trying them out on family and friends is easily my favorite hobby. Until now I’d not even considered talking about it on JoysofCollecting. So here goes. My five favorite dishes.

1. Green Curry and Potatoes

Thai food is a favorite of mine. When I find myself in an unfamiliar city, I make it a point to find a hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant. I got my go-to green curry recipe from a strip mall eatery in Houston, Texas that was so out of the way it didn’t even have a sign. The addition of large chunks of roasted jacket potatoes is my own, and while it isn’t exactly an authentic Thai ingredient (it’s more of an Indian thing) I simply can’t eat this dish without it.

2. Meatless Papardelle and Meatballs

Papardelle is an easy-to-make pasta, and this particular recipe is best when homemade papardelle is the star of the show rather than the sauce or the “meat.” I put meat in quotation marks because I usually make this dish with a minced beef style meat substitute rather than actual beef. Why? I’ve found that real beef overpowers the tomato gravy. Trust me on this one – true mainland Italian cuisine focuses more on quality pasta and slow-cooked sauce than on any meat ingredient, unlike most American versions of “Italian food.”

3. Pot Roast Made with Lengua

Let me just get this out of the way; lengua is a fancy way of saying “tongue.” If that scares you, consider this: beef or ox tongue are among the least expensive meats you’ll find; some butcher shops in the UK or the USA will even give it away. It’s also more tender than roast made with shoulder or chuck and even more nutritious.

4. Breakfast Pizza

An easy way to get kids to eat a hearty breakfast, this pizza is nothing more than biscuit dough, sausage, eggs, cheese, and whatever veggies your family enjoys. I like a little mushroom and a sprinkle of green onion.

5. Sous Vide Lamb

No need to buy a fancy sous vide appliance; here’s one way you can use this hot-water immersion cooking method for a fraction of the cost of a professional sous vide cooker. If you sear your lamb first in the traditional method, finishing it sous vide style with mint and other herbs produces Michelin star-quality cuts with very little effort.


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