Ideas for Collections

I am always on the look-out for new collection ideas, since I tend to go through long periods of active collecting in a specific area before moving on to the next big thing. This list of collection ideas is part of my personal “what’s next?” list. If you are interested in beginning your own collection, consider any of the following potentially collectible goods. Got an idea for a collection? Leave me a comment and I’ll consider it for inclusion on this list.

Sports Cards

Charm City Cards, located in the United States, has an awesome variety of sports cards: baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and even NASCAR and niche sports are all available from this one source. Sports cards are easy enough to find, small enough to display or store without breaking a sweat, and if you’re already a sports fan, starting a collection of these items just makes sense. I’m already itching to flesh out my own mid-20th century baseball card collection.

Petrol-related Items

Some of my best collector-friends are absolutely obsessed with what’s known as Petroliana – items related to the marketing and sale of petrol fuel. This massive gallery of Petroliana should give you some idea of what petrol collectors are after. This type of collecting has as much to do with the art and design of the items as it does the fuel they were designed to sell.

Figurines (Action Figures)

If you’re of a certain age, figurines such as the Marvel characters in the link above are near and dear to your heart. It turns out, many of them are worth a ton of money. It makes you wish you hadn’t torn the heads off your action figures as a boy, now, doesn’t it?

Author Collections

Are you a big reader? A fan of a particular writer? Want to learn more about an author? Buying, storing, and adoring books and other items written by the same writer is really a sub-set of book collecting. Building a book collection by starting with titles from a single author makes the whole process a lot simpler. The Agatha Christie focus in the link above is a perfect example, and as I’m a huge Christie fan, I wanted to show off this particular author collection.

Antique Typewriters

The Martin Howard collection of antique typewriters in this link is the largest of its kind in Canada and one of the largest in the world. Admittedly, it must be difficult to store and maintain a collection of these large and at-times difficult instruments, but for many people the clack-clack-clack sound of a typewriter has an almost musical appeal.


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