Collecting News and Notes

As an avid reader, I come across all sorts of interesting articles and papers about collectors and the things they acquire. I want to use this space to store interesting news and notes on my hobby.

The $1 Million Coin Collection Disaster

For collectors, stories like this one are a real heart-breaker. The unlucky numismatist in this story from the Daily Mail in 2011 was involved in a rollover crash. Besides minor injuries (the worst of which was a broken arm), the man and his wife were unharmed. His collection, on the other hand, suffered a major blow.

Tablet Computer Added to the Royal Collection

Late in 2012, a tablet computer and online archive of more than 150 Gigabytes of historically-significant data  was added to the Queen’s Royal Collection. A sort of “digital time capsule,” the collection will be available “in perpetuity” for anyone who wishes to see it.

The Great Coin Collection Caper of Scotland
This article from the Telegraph in 2008 tells the story of a £50,000 reward, offered for information leading to the recovery of a stolen collection of coins. Coin collectors seem to have lots of bad luck, don’t they? Maybe that’s why I keep my own collection of interesting tokens and currency at a minimum . . .

The Duke of Wellington’s Art Collection Goes on Display

I don’t personally have the kind of fortune required to put together a decent collection of art, but when (in 1995) the Duke of Wellington’s art collection became available for public display I was probably one of the first in line to see it. The 1st Duke of Wellington famously defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, but his amazing fine art display may be even more compelling than that famous battle.

Lucky Find Worth 30,000 Pounds at Auction

A coin found in the back of a cupboard, where it had been sitting for decades, was sold at auction for many times its face value. Even I, Lucky Larry, haven’t ever been quite this successful at finding valuable items. But the story shows the value in poking around unlikely places, hunting for valuable or interesting trinkets.


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