Other Online Collections

I have many friends whom I’ve met over the years at collector’s shows, while buying items for my collection, or in online forums dedicated to collecting. Here are links to some of my favorite collectors’ websites and blogs. Any of the sites below will intrigue those with even the slightest bit of interest in collecting – and they may even inspire you to start your own unique archive.

F.W. Aldridge’s Glass Repair and Collection

Using ultraviolet glues and light technology, F.W. Aldridge can help repair any damaged glass that may be in your collection. Their display of beautiful glass objects is also well worth a look all on its own.

Pallant House Outsider Art Gallery

This constantly-changing display of art that’s outside the traditional world of painting and sculpting is not only beautiful, it’s an open-to-the-public collection that also puts on community events, panels, and workshops of interest to collectors of all stripes.

Philip Andrews’ Cacti Collection

My friend Philip Andrews has a particularly prickly collection of more than 1,000 cultivars of cacti from around the world. Andrews’ site and personal collection is unique, and if you ever have the privilege of meeting Philip, you’ll see that this collection is a perfect example of how a collection can mirror its owner’s personality.

A UK Garter Snake Collection

Though I don’t personally know the collector behind this site, it is similar in many ways to Philip Andrews group of living (and potentially dangerous) species. I’m sure the collector who built this site and maintains this collection would make for a good friend. What I love about this online collection page is its very specific focus on a single genus of snakes.

Mike Devonald’s Board Game Collection

Calling himself “the Drunken Goblin,” Mike Devonald has amassed a truly admirable pile of board games. The webmaster describes himself as a gaming addict, and as you look through his collection it’s easy to see why.


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